Nattokinase benefits

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Nattokinase Benefits!

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Nattokinase Benefits!

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From: Marilyn Walter
Fremont, California

           Nattokinase Benefits 

Nattokinase is increasingly becoming one of the most highly beneficial dietary supplements available in the international market due to its great Nattokinase benefits. This valuable supplement is made from a healthy Japanese food typically known as natto, a nutritious soybean dish that is normally taken with rice. 

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When eaten, it tastes like salted nuts with a mushy consistency and strong cheese like smell. Nattokinase is formulated by extracting the enzyme found in this healthy fermented soy then combining it together with bacillus subtilus natto, which are beneficial and natural bacteria. 

It is available in the form of a capsule or a pill with no strong taste and smell. 

Possible Uses For: 

• Stroke

• Deep Vein (DV) Thrombosis or DVT 

• Angina 

• Heart disease

• Atherosclerosis 

• Varicose veins

• Hemorrhoids

• Body pain 

• Poor circulation 

• Peripheral artery disease

• Fibromyalgia 

• Muscle spasms 

• Chronic fatigue

• Endometriosis

• Hypertension 

• Uterine fibroids 

• Beriberi 

• Infertility

• Cancer 

Nattokinase Benefits 

Thrombolytic Effect 

This dietary supplement has the ability to eliminate thrombus (clotting) in the body by dissolving a substance known as fibrin, which is responsible in binding the platelets together. 

The healthy food natto contains beneficial properties that work almost similar to plasmin, an enzyme that the body naturally produces which helps eliminate fibrin. As people grow older, the body’s production of plasmin decreases. If plasmin is insufficient in the body, it will be more likely that you will have a higher risk from suffering blood clotting, which can lead the development of many threatening medical conditions. 

This is the cogent reason why plasmin is very important. To help you with this, Nattokinase can be a very useful supplement to replace the lost plasmin in your body so as to maintain it healthy. Aside from improving the body’s plasmin production, it also helps increase other valuable blood clotting eliminators such as urokinase (endogenous). This is certainly one of the best Nattokinase benefits. 

Normalize Blood Pressure 

This beneficial supplement is found to help lower and normalize the body’s blood pressure. Various clinical studies indicate that natto is capable of lowering the body’s blood pressure through the use of inhibiting ACE or angiotensin converting enzyme. 

ACE can cause the body’s blood vessels to become inelastic and narrow, which in turn increases the body’s blood pressure leading to hypertension. With the use of this dietary supplement, it will inhibit ACE thus preventing blood pressure to get higher. 

Anti-Aging Effects 

Since this dietary supplement is rich in protein, it can be very useful in keeping the skin healthy so as to look younger for a considerable amount of time. Aside from that, Nattokinase also contain highs amount of vitamin K2, which is a natural and potent anti-aging agent that helps improve the overall health condition of the skin of an individual.

Improves Blood Circulation 

One of the most valuable Nattokinase benefits is that it is capable of improving the body’s blood circulation, which will greatly help various vital organs to function normally. To increase blood flow, this dietary supplement will also help prevent the narrowing and hardening of arteries. 

Prevents Osteoporosis

Since this dietary supplement is rich in K2 vitamin, it can greatly help to prevent osteoporosis from developing as well as from further worsening. This can be a useful tool for those individuals who have a higher risk from acquiring this disturbing medical condition. 

Prevents Heart Disease 

This supplement has the ability to act as a natural and effective blood thinner in the body, which enables the blood to freely flow throughout the arteries so as to supply the vital organs sufficiently. Aside from this, it can also be very useful in preventing plaque from developing in the complex arteries, which in turn reduces your risk from arterial clotting. 

With these great Nattokinase benefits, you will be able to have a lesser risk from suffering heart related conditions and other serious health problems. 

Lowers Cholesterol 

As an excellent blood thinner, this dietary supplement becomes a valuable agent in reducing the body’s cholesterol levels. This will greatly help those individuals to reduce their risks from suffering health complications associated from excessive cholesterol levels. 

Other Valuable Nattokinase Benefits 

• Helps improve bone density 

• Helps alleviate migraine headaches 

• Helps alleviate muscle and joint pain

• Helps prevent cholera, dysentery and typhoid 

• Helps prevent thrombotic clogging in the cerebral vessels

• Helps prevent thrombotic diseases such as cerebral infraction, angina pectoris, hemorrhoids, cerebral hemorrhage and cardiac infraction. 

• Helps make the hair healthier 

• Helps prevent alopecia or hair loss

• Helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease to develop 

With all these valuable Nattokinase benefits, it will certainly contribute significantly to your overall improvement. 

How It Works 

By using fermentation process, natto is created by adding boiled soybeans together with Bacillus Natto, which is a helpful bacterium. The resulting enzyme is Nattokinase, which can only be created when the Bacillus Natto combines with soybeans. 

The produced enzyme then will be purified and will be isolated in the form of a tablet. Unlike aspirin as well as other anticoagulant medications that impedes fibrin production; this dietary supplement works directly on fibrins that bind platelets together so as to immediately prevent them from accumulating and further clogging the arteries. 

It is absolutely capable of dissolving fibrin thus unbinding the platelets and unclogging the affected areas so as to prevent blood flow constraint. Nattokinase also works as a plasmin replacement and this can be very useful in supplying the body with a sufficient amount of essential plasmin. 

Side Effects 

As of now, no incidents reported that this dietary supplement can cause severe side effects. Though it cannot cause threatening adverse health effects, it does not mean that you will not suffer from some undesirable effects. 

Bear in mind that it is still possible for you to experience unusual reactions in your body from its use. 

Drug Interactions 

If you’re taking Nattokinase, it is very important that you should not take it together with those medications that are designed in slowing blood clotting such as Antiplatelet drugs or Anticoagulant medications. 

However, if you’re taking blood clot medications recently, it is highly suggested that you should consult first your doctor so as to determine the proper course of action and ensure the safety of your health. Since Nattokinase may also help in removing blood clotting, taking this dietary supplement together with medications designed for treating blood clots may increase your risk from bleeding and bruising. 

These medications include aspirin, diclofenac (Cataflam, Voltarin and others), clopidogrel (Plavix), naproxen (Naprosyn, Anaprox and others), ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil and others), warfarin (Coumadin), herapin, enoxaparin (Lovenox) and dalteparin (Fragmin).

In addition, taking this dietary supplement along with blood clotting medications, particularly aspirin and warfarin, does not only worsen bleeding disorders but it can also lead your blood pressure to drop below normal resulting to hypotension. This is the cogent reason why it is very important that you should seek the approval of a health care professional before using it immediately. 

Since this dietary supplement contains a large amount of K vitamin, it will reduce the effectiveness of your medications such as Coumadin, which will certainly slow down the improvement of your overall health condition. 

Special Precautions 

Nursing and pregnant women should never use this dietary supplement without the approval of a medical professional since the negative effects of it are unknown. As of now, there are no clinical studies that will show Nattokinase is appropriate for pregnant women. For this reason, it is best that you should avoid it at all times so as to ensure the safety of your health and your baby as well. 

Bear in mind that this dietary supplement may increase your risk from bleeding. If you’re going to have a surgical procedure sooner or later, it would be better if you will stop taking this dietary supplement for at least two weeks before your scheduled surgery. This will prevent you from bleeding excessively during and after the surgery.

For those individuals who are currently suffering from any bleeding problems like ulcer, avoid using this dietary supplement. However, if you are already taking it and you have ulcer, it is best that you should withdraw from taking Nattokinase as early as now. Visit a medical professional and have some checkup. Do not also use this dietary supplement if you suffered from a recent intracranial bleeding, ischemic stroke within the past six months or you’ve gone through a nueral surgery.

General Recommendation

If you’re taking this vitamin supplement, be very watchful of yourself. If you experience something not good or if you notice some unusual reactions in your body, it is highly recommended that you should seek medical assistance immediately. In this way, you can ensure the safety of your health.

Take Nattokinase exactly as instructed by a health care professional. Bear in mind that you should not overuse this dietary supplement as it may harm your health.

If you’re planning to use this dietary supplement sooner or later, it is best that you should consult a medical professional first. This will ensure that this supplement is appropriate you. 


If you’re planning to use this dietary supplement, ask a medical professional regarding the dosage of this product. The dosage of Nattokinase varies on one person to another. In fact, the right dose in an individual depends on many different factors like the user’s health, medical history, age, medications used as well as other considerations. 

At this point of time, there are no reliable clinical studies which will determine exactly the right dose that an individual should take. For this reason, do not take any dosage without proper guidance from your personal doctor. 


With all the great Nattokinase benefits, this vitamin supplement can certainly help improve the overall condition of your health.

Please email me at if you have any queetion.


Marilyn Walter